Email: Guidelines for distance learners to send project drafts

1. Who may use the online email service?

  • The Writing Center offers instructive feedback by email ( for students in three categories:
    1. Students enrolled in the Distance Learning program (but not campus students taking an online class)
    2. Students commuting over fifty (50+) miles to Wake Forest, North Carolina
    3. Students with an exceptional circumstance preventing a visit to campus
    • If you are a distance-learning student, we invite you to send us your draft essay by email. Please follow our guidelines in #2 below.
    • If you can visit campus, please make a face-to-face appointment with a writing consultant. To do so, please visit WCOnline.
    • Rationale: Compared to live appointments, feedback by email has limitations: It lacks detailed feedback, critical dialogue, and personal dynamics, so you learn less about what you want and need to know (but may not recognize at the moment) for improving writing skills and your writing project. If the aim is improving writing skills (from argument to style), then personal appointments are the very best. Nevertheless, online feedback can be valuable feedback.

2. How can one send a draft paper to the Writing Center?

  • Please address an email message to the Writing Center at with your attached document and the following information:
    • Your name, student number, and current city and state
    • Course number and professor's name
    • Course type (online, hybrid, extension center, weekly intensive)
    • Assignment description or type and the due date
    • Specific questions or topics with which you would like help or feedback
      • Thank you. Lacking this information, we may reply asking you for it.
    • Note on file compatibility: Our computers have Adobe PDF Reader and Microsoft Office with Word 2016, so we can always open PDF files and Word documents saved as [.docx] or [.doc] or Rich Text [.rtf]. We recommend PDF files for preserving special fonts, such as Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic.

3. How long is the Center's reply time?

  • We reply to requests within one or two business days in most cases (pretty fast), but possibly longer toward the active end of each semester.
    • We also appreciate your feedback about what you found helpful or unhelpful for improving your writing processes for your project. Your feedback helps us to assess and improve our services.

4. What kind of feedback will one receive?

  • The Writing Center is not an editing service but an academic instructional service focusing on critical thinking and communication (Southeastern's fifth core competency). The feedback we offer is "formative" instructional feedback: suggestions with explanations directed toward improving your writing skills for (and by means of) improving your writing project, developing both processes and product, causes and effects. Given good information—along with why, how, and where to apply it—you will develop more competence and confidence as a research writer, from creating and composing a case to communicating it more clearly, correctly, and coherently in a way that motivates your target readers.
    • In addition to serving as friendly writing coaches, we seek to answer any specific question you want to ask about writing.
    • Please note: We write feedback in reply messages, not in your document, in most cases. We can help identify patterns of sentence problems and help you revise them, but when faced with manifold sentence-level errors, we limit our feedback to principles and suggest that you make a face-to-face appointment with a writing consultant for help with the many specific instances of writing sentences clearly, concisely, and correctly.
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