This exclusive version of Microsoft Office is tied to your student or faculty/staff account.  If you leave this institution and your SEBTS login account becomes inactive (either by dropping all classes, graduating, or otherwise leaving the institution), this desktop product will cease to function.  Please plan accordingly to have another license available or otherwise obtain a retail copy of Microsoft Office for your personal use.  

Official statement from Microsoft: 

If you are eligible, you can use the plan until you graduate or are no longer enrolled at a qualified school. Student eligibility may be re-verified at any time. At expiration, the Office applications enter a reduced-functionality mode, which means documents can be viewed but it isn’t possible to edit or create new documents. In addition, online services associated with the school email address, for example Office Online and OneDrive, will no longer work.


What is Office 365?

This is a special version of the Microsoft Office suite that is exclusively available to members of institutions (like ours) as a free, full download.



Who is eligible?

All SEBTS Faculty, Staff, and Students are eligible to download and install the full desktop version of Microsoft Office ProPlus for PC and Mac.  Additionally, users can sign in to the mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote with their account.



Where can I get the desktop version?

  1. Go to
  2. Students: sign in with your student email address (e.g., and Moodle password
  3. Faculty/Staff: sign in with your SEBTS email address (e.g., and Network/Moodle password



If you land on this page, simply click "Install Now" to download Microsoft Office for Mac or PC.




Don't see the Install page? Click the gear icon (top left, then click "Office 365 settings")




...then click "My Software" to see this page:



The SEBTS IT Department is willing to offer limited support regarding the installation and usage of this product.  If you have any issues regarding this product after your attempts to troubleshoot, you may contact the IT department via email:   

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