Student Parking Policies and Procedures Summary

SEBTS Department of Campus Security


Registration of your vehicle is valid through each academic year.  Beginning in the summer, you must purchase a new parking permit.  Permits are to be displayed on the rearview mirror of the registered vehicle.   Vehicle registration may be completed by following the link provided on CampusNet under Security or by going directly to


All students are expected to park in their designated parking areas.  Color-coded signs are located at the entrance to all parking areas for your convenience.  These areas are color-coded as follows:


  1. Green:  Gravel parking lot across the street from Stephens-Mackie & gravel parking lot west (behind) of Ledford.
  2. Purple:  Gravel parking lot at Stadium Drive and Rock Springs Road behind the tennis courts, across from the high school.
  3. Red:  Lolley Residents—Paved parking lot beside and across the street from Lolley.
  4. Silver:  Bostwick Residents—Paved parking lot to the north (right) of Ledford & gravel parking lot west (behind) of Ledford.


No student parking is allowed in the Black, Blue, Brown, Orange, or Yellow Faculty/Staff areas.  It is the responsibility of the student to update the Security Office on any information that may change over the course of the year, or this information may updated on-line at Lost, broken, or illegible decals may be replaced at the Campus Security Office.


Violations, Parking Fines & Enforcement

The following is a list (not exhaustive) of violations for which you may receive a parking citation: 

  1. Parking in driveways, loading zones, “Visitor” spaces, areas marked “no parking”, outside designated parking areas, areas where no parking spot or stop blocks are present, taking up more than one space, blocking dumpsters, or obstructing the movement of traffic. (NOTE: Spaces in paved lots will be marked by parking blocks and/or lines. Spaces in gravel lots are only marked by blocking blocks.)
  2. Driving and/or parking on lawns, grassy areas, flower beds, or sidewalks.  No driving in the gated area of the campus is permitted without permission from the Director of Campus Security or the Director of the Physical Plant.
  3. Failure to have a valid decal properly displayed on rearview mirror.
  4. Parking in areas designated for other colors besides the one for which your vehicle is registered.
  5. Parking in any of the spaces along the/drive of Stealey.
  6. Exceeding time limited spaces or using specifically marked building spaces for other buildings.


Parking in designated areas is enforced during regular business hours which are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The spaces marked for the President’s Office, Handicap parking, the Broyhill Orange Lot, the Stephens-Mackie Black Lot, the Lolley Red Lot, the Bostwick Silver Lot (paved area adjacent to the Ledford Center) and the Patterson Black lot are enforced 24 hours a day, including weekends.

Parking violations will be issued by Southeastern Security personnel and will be assessed as follows:

Parking in a “President’s Office” or “Handicapped” space: $75  ($25 added for each additional violation)
Parking on Stealey Drive, grass, flowers, or sidewalks:    $50  ($15 added for each additional violation)
All other parking violations:   $20  ($5 added for each additional violation)


All vehicles parked on campus must be in good working condition and have proper state license plates.  Any vehicle not meeting these standards which is left on seminary property for longer than seven days may be towed.  All expenses such as verification of registration and towing will be at the owner’s expense.  The Director of Campus Security maintains the discretionary right to lessen or wave any of the above violations upon hearing an appeal.


Appeals & Payment of Violations

Traffic violations may be appealed within fifteen days to Campus Security.  The link to the online appeal process is found on the SEBTS website ( under CampusNet and then look for the link under Security. If you do not make an appeal within fifteen days, you forfeit your right to appeal unless exigent circumstances exist.  Once you have received a violation, the fine will be applied to your account. Make all payments on-line at or in person at the Campus Security Office.

Student Parking Policies & Procedures Summary
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